Easy payroll and personnel administration through automation

Are your company also in the service and consulting industry? Then Zenegy's payroll system is adapted to consultants and agencies.
With Zenegy, it's possible to optimize your workflow and increase the payroll experience for everyone in the company. Whether a monthly salary is to be paid (prepaid or back-paid), 14-day salary, B-income, and fee, or a zero report is made, it's done simply and automatically. Create employees' master data and payroll - then Zenegy automatically calculates reports, and transfer to SKAT, holiday funds, ATP, pension, and maternity leave.

Management and bookkeeping on departments or projects

With Zenegy's advanced bookkeeping, bookkeeping can be tailored to the company's criteria and needs.

Categorize employees on departments or projects with different supplements, deductions, hourly rates, and get an overview of the payroll expenses on various projects and departments.

Read more about advanced accounting in Zenegy.

Zenegy's time registration with Projekt ID

With Zenegy's own time registration module, the payroll manager can easily create or assign general hourly rates to individual employees, specific departments, or projects.

The employees simply just stamp in or out by specifying a start and an end time for each working day. The time registration can be linked to specific projects by the employee adding a Project ID. After the registration, it will automatically be sent for approval to the department manager or the payroll manager - before salary is paid.

Read more about time registration in Zenegy.

Easy outlay and driving management with Project ID

With Zenegys outlay and driving management, employees can register outlays as well as driving on the go. Employees just have to enter the date and amount of the outlay or the 'start' and 'end' addresses of the ride.

If the outlay or the driving has to be linked to a specific project, this is possible via Projekt ID. All registrations will be sent for approval/rejection by the payroll manager and will be automatically settle at the next payroll run.

Zenegy talks together with other systems

Zenegy offers a wide range of integrations, so you can work efficiently across systems.

Get to the finish line faster with time registration, recruitment, and other administrative tasks. The integration options reduce manual processes and allow salary data from Zenegy to be transferred automatically to your preferred systems.

We have integrations with ERP systems, productivity systems, and HR systems such as e-conomic, TimeLog, HR-ON, calendar integrations, and many more.

See all Zenegy's app-integrations here.

Digital approval workflows

With Zenegy, the company can easily set up an approval workflow. The workflow enables a structured and controlled payroll run, with multiple decision-makers, before payout.

The company simply needs to define roles and criteria for who and what registrations must be able to approved. The person who is responsible will then have access to all necessary information for approval. This can be deviations, reports, or draft payslips.

Read more about Zenegy's approval workflows.

B-income and fees

Are you hiring consultants and specialists for individual tasks or projects, the consultant can easily be created in Zenegy.

Simply create and invite the consultant to the system and pay the fee as B-income with the amount, and disposition data. The consultant gets access to Zenegy's employee app, which ensures a better payroll experience for both Danish and international employees.

If you are hiring consultants and need the 'expert tax', read more here.

Employee templates

Get a better management of your company's employment relationships and create new employees, consultants or freelancers easily with Zenegy's employee templates.

Zenegy has predefined a number of default values for the three most populær employee types - salaried employee, hourly wage with A-card and hourly wage with B-card. The templates can of course be changes and adapted to the company's rates or new ones can be created

Read more about employee templates.

Mass updates of rates

In Zenegy it's easy to manage and update rates, supplements, deductions, and other salary components on all employees at once. Get an overview and safe time with the function 'Global values' when you need to changes rates for free telephone, lunch, pension, insurance, staff associations, and much more.

By defining employee categories and departments, you can implement the necessary changes effectively and keep track of all rates.

Read more about Global values.

Employee universe

With Zenegy's employee app, all employees and consultants get a more professional pay experience. All payroll items and balances are gathered in one place, and employees can easily make digital records of hours, holidays, driving, absences, etc.

The employee app offers an explanation of all salary elements in 12 different languages - so that both Danish and international employees get a better salary experience.

Logo on the payslip

Upload the company logo in Zenegy so that it appears both in the system and on the payslip. In this way, your account and payslips will fit the company's identity and brand.

Read more about the logo on the payslip.

Zenegy HR - integrated HR solution

Integrate Zenegy Payroll with Zenegy HR and get the full suite of digital personnel management features.

Zenegy HR provides secure and digital document sharing of employment contracts, ID, and other personally sensitive data. In addition, we have tools that make onboarding and offboarding of employees more manageable with 'Devices and accesses', and 'Courses and events'.

Read more about Zenegy HR.

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