Zenegy Payroll for large companies

Zenegy is an innovative payroll system that offers a flexible solution, capable of dealing with the daily, as well as the more complex tasks in the company.
Zenegy Payroll is built on an open API with the possibility of a fully digitised solution, tailored to the individual. We make it easy and efficient to run payrolls for a lot of employees at the same time.
If you work with more than one system to keep track of bookkeeping, hour registrations, HR solutions or anything else – it is possible to connect these with Zenegy.

Digital approval flows

With an advanced approval flow, it’s possible to get a structured overview of the approval of the company’s payroll transactions. Define rolls and criteria for the approval of the payroll run, and the responsible can check reports, payroll journals, rejections and other relevant things to complete a pre-approval check.

Zenegy keeps track of the process digitally and sends notifications, as well as reminders, automatically. By activating auto-implementation of the payroll, the salary will be transferred automatically when all criteria for the approval have been met.

Overview and management of the payroll

In Zenegy it's easy to get the full overview and control of the payroll with easy and manageable reports. Get access to:

  • Reconciliation reports for eIncome
  • Reconciliation reports at the employee and department level
  • Additional payroll reports with eIncome-number
  • Overview of payments – also grouped for each payment type
  • Holiday money provisions
  • Report generator – get reports with your chosen parameters
  • And many more

"For Generaxion, Zenegy is a future-proof solution, with good opportunities for the company's high ambitions. Zenegy automates our work tasks and reduces manual processes. Zenegy's app and cloud-based system also give our more than 350 employees an easy overview of all payroll elements."

Mette Marie Jensen - Head of HR, Generaxion

"Automation and elimination of errors are essential for team blue, which has 200 employees in Denmark. We had a clear strategy to eliminate as many manuel workflows as possible and move to a digital platform. Here,  has Zenegy's payroll been crucial. With Zenegy, we bring a big number of systems together in one platform, that automates and streamlines the entire workflow."

Stefan Rosenlund - Managing Director Nordic, team.blue

Efficient payroll without mistakes

Zenegy offers an intelligent payroll service that automates the payroll process from payroll draft to payout.

The payroll draft offers a broad overview of the company's deviations, errors and warnings that the payroll manager must be aware of. This also applies to other notifications that require special attention when running the payroll.

The payroll manager can always see the effect of changes and corrections in the payroll journal. Zenegy gives the companies the best basis for carrying out the correct payroll transfer.

Employee templates and collective agreement management

Create different templates based on the company's employee types, collective agreements and salary conditions.

In Zenegy, the company can create and customise templates as needed and assign hourly rates, pensions or maternity leave applicable to the employee type. The rates can be edited and added to all employees in the different groups. Then the payroll manager has an overview and the possibility of a quick update in case of changes.

If there are agreements, it can also be set up with varying hourly rates, supplements and deduction types, SH and free choice scheme and different holiday pay recipients.

Advanced accounting

Get a better management and overview of the company's expenses with advanced accounting in Zenegy.

Set up the company's chart of accounts and define all salary expenses on different accounts in the accounting system. Opportunities for expense division are many, regardless of whether expenses need to be highlighted in the individual departments in the company, additional expenses or something completely different.

Digital registrations

Zenegy makes it easy for all employees to register mileage, expenses, holiday, absence and hours. The online registrations can happen both on the website or mobile app. All registrations will be stored in the system and will lie ready for approval by the company owner, department manager or someone else. All approved registrations are automatically transferred to the next payroll run.

Top data security

In Zenegy, all data is secure. Zenegy's system has an extremely secure encryption for added safety of the company's sensitive data.

We have an ISAE 3402 statement that ensures the correct IT control and allows us to implement password policy and two-factor login.

Employee app

With Zenegy, the company's employees get the best employee app on the market.

Zenegy offers an app with a complete employee universe that ensures a better overview and a more professional payroll experience. In the employee app, everything is gathered in one place and all registrations can be made digitally. We offer an interactive payslip with accompanying descriptions in 12 different languages.

The employee app also gives the company's employees a clear overview and the opportunity for digital as well as quick registrations of hours, mileage, absence etc.

Staff associations

Staff associations, birthday boxes, massage schemes, or other employee-paid staff associations can be administered separately in Zenegy.

The staff associations and payments are created as a deduction in the salary according to TAX and specified to separate account. In this way, the employee payments are kept separate from the company's finances and the payroll manager does not have to keep track of payments and transfer manually.

Get intelligent payroll with Zenegy

In Zenegy, the payroll is designed to minimise manual labor both before and after transfer.

Zenegy's system is connected to SKAT and takes care of transferring payments to the employees. If for some reason, the salary payments have failed at SKAT, Zenegy will make sure to complete the remainder in the payroll and return those that have been rejected.

The payroll manager is notified with information about the employee and the cause of the error. The failed payroll transfers are automatically created in a new payroll journal in Zenegy, where they are ready to be corrected and transferred.

The Holiday Act

Zenegy is 100% compatible with the Holiday Act. Zenegy reports and pays to the holiday funds on an ongoing basis and completely automatically. Holiday pay accounting is also done completely automatically.

The Holiday Act gives companies a wide range of options to adapt the solutions to their own needs or possibly according to special collective agreement rules.

With Zenegy, the company can manage the possibility of getting holiday in advance and specify the number of days. In addition, it's possible to choose whether the remaining holiday from the last holiday year, is to be transferred to the next.

The employee has a full overview of the holiday earning and spent holiday in the general holiday balance overview.

Open API and many integrations

Zenegy is fully integrated with the best software programs on the market. It allows the company to work easily and quickly across programs, where payroll data can be transferred automatically to the company's selected programs. The integration options help the payroll administrator save time by reducing the manual work.

Payroll correction

If the accident has occurred and the wrong salary has been paid, it's possible to return the most recently completed payroll run in Zenegy.

All data is returned and settled in the accounting and in eIncome. If Zenegy is set up with our integrations to accounting systems, data will be transferred automatically back and corrected.

Proportional calculation of pay

Zenegy automates the calculation of the employee's salary and various allowances upon joining in the middle of the month.

The calculation of salary payment and partial share of the various supplements to the employee's monthly salary is calculated automatically on the basis of the fixed gross salary and working days of the month.

By selecting the function, the payroll manager in the company avoids a manual calculation of salary, lunch payment, employee benefits, etc. Zenegy handles the calculation automatically, which applies to both the joining and resigning of employees.

Efficient payroll payments

Zenegy automatically calculates, reports and transfers salary, TAX, Holiday pay, ATP, maternity leave and pension. Regardless of whether a monthly salary is to be paid (paid in advance and in arrears), a 14-day salary, B-income or zero reporting, this is done simply and automatically. You get a full overview of total and future payments.

Get a quick overview

Zenegy is much more than just a payroll system.

Our services also include an HR platform, employee universe and a number of functions that make payroll and administration efficient in companies.

All functions gathered in one place