Zenegy Payroll - a solution for all your needs

Zenegy is an innovative payroll system that offers a flexible and digital solution to companies' daily administrative tasks.
With Zenegy Payroll, you get an automated payroll system, with many features that streamline the company's payroll work.
We ensure a safe payroll run, as well as access to a large number of reports that provide an overview and streamline the time-consuming work processes.

Efficient payroll payments

Zenegy automatically calculates, reports and transfers salary, TAX, Holiday pay, ATP, maternity leave and pension. Regardless of whether a monthly salary is to be paid (paid in advance and in arrears), a 14-day salary, B-income or zero reporting, this is done simply and automatically. You get a full overview of total and future payments.

Overview and management of the payroll

In Zenegy it's easy to get the full overview and control of the payroll with easy and manageable reports. Get access to:

  • Reconciliation reports for eIncome
  • Reconciliation reports at the employee and department level
  • Additional payroll reports with eIncome-number
  • Overview of payments – also grouped for each payment type
  • Holiday money provisions
  • Report generator – get reports with your chosen parameters
  • And many more

"It's easy and painless to replace our old payroll system with Zenegy. There is the possibility of full integration with a number of systems that we already use in the everyday life. It has given us the opportunity to add more automations, so we safe time on handling data manually. Zenegy provides a much greater motivation in the daily work - with good support throughout."

Poul Jensen - CFO, Umbraco

"After we got Zenegy, it has become easy and straightforward for me to check the salaries of my different teams and many employees. It provides a good and easy overview for both me and the employees because the payroll system is intuitive and easy to use. I have more structure and control of the many employees' hours."

Marie Enderleit - Team Lead, Goodiebox

Correct payroll with real-time data

Zenegy offers an intelligent payroll service that automates the payroll process from payroll draft to payout.

The payroll draft offers a broad overview of the company's deviations, errors and warnings that the payroll manager must be aware of. When you make changes and corrections in the payroll draft, you can with Zenegy's real-time data see the effects of the changes immediately - as well as download a new payroll draft.

With our user-friendly design and workflow, you have a complete overviews of the employee's salary, changes, deviations, supplements and deductions to the salary. That gives you the best conditions for a carrying out the correct payroll transfer - every time.

Digital approval flows

Get the payroll run approved by the administrator, manager, finance department or other actors in the company. With Zenegy's advanced approval flow, you can set up an approval structure and define different criteria for the approval.

By defining roles and structure for the payroll approval, the payment managers have opportunity to check reports, payroll journals and other things that are important to complete the pre-approval check.

Zenegy keeps track of the process digitally and sends notifications and reminders automatically. By activating the auto-implementation of the payroll, the salary will be transferred automatically when everyone has approved and accepted the payroll run.

Read more about approval workflows.

The Holiday Act

Zenegy is 100% compatible with the Holiday Act. The Holiday Act gives companies a wide range of options to adapt the solutions to their own needs or possibly according to special collective agreement rules. The holiday balance will be reported to eIncome and the holiday funds automatically. It's possible to post holiday-pay-provisions separately - so the company has an overview of the obligations. 

With Zenegy, the company can manage the possibility of getting holiday in advance and specify the number of days. In addition, it's possible to choose whether the remaining holiday from the last holiday year, is to be transferred to the next.

Digital registrations and holiday overview

In Zenegy it's easy for employees to request holidays, register expenses, hours, milage and flex in the employee app or on the website.

All registrations and requests will be stored in the system and be ready for approval by the company owner, department manager or administrator. The registrations are automatically transferred to the next payroll run.

The employee can track their own holiday balance and maintain an overview of all requests and registrations.

Read more about digital registrations.

Easy access for everyone in the company

Make it easy and secure for everyone in the company to access information that's relevant - both on the employee app or on the website.

In Zenegy, it's possible to define a range of roles, views and accesses so that employees, managers, consultants and administrators have access to relevant information.

Department managers can manage holiday requests, expense records and the hourly accounts for their own department, as well as accountants or consultants, have their own display of relevant information.

Design the payslip with your own logo

We know how important a brand identity can be for a company. In Zenegy - it's all about your employees and your company. Therefor can companies now customise their payslips so that it appears with the company-logo, brand and information.

Upload the company-logo in the system and all payslips will have the same identity and expression both on payslips and in the mobile app.

It is also possible to write notes in the payslip, both for all employees or something personal for a single employee.

Employee app

With Zenegy, the company's employees get the best employee app on the market.

Zenegy offers an app with a complete employee universe that ensures a better overview and a more professional payroll experience. In the employee app, everything is gathered in one place and all registrations can be made digitally. We offer an interactive payslip with accompanying descriptions in 12 different languages.

The employee app also gives the company's employees a clear overview and the opportunity for digital as well as quick registrations of hours, mileage, absence etc.

Open API and many integrations

Zenegy is fully integrated with the best software programs on the market.

Connect Zenegy with e-conomic or some of the other accounting systems on the market and maintain an overviews across the systems. By setting up the API integrations with Zenegy, the payroll data will be transferred in an easy and efficient way. The integration options help the payroll administrator save time by reducing the manual work.

Zenegy HR - a integrated HR solution

With Zenegy HR, your company has the complete package with a number of digital functions for personnel management. Get digital document-sharing securely via the system - which is important when sharing hiring-contracts, IDs and other sensitive personal data.

In addition, Zenegy have tools that make onboarding and offboarding of employees more manageable with 'Items and Access' and 'Courses'.

Read more about Zenegy HR.

Excellent support

At Zenegy, we gather satisfied customers. Our qualified employees ensure that you get a safe start when you change your payroll system to Zenegy - even if you already using the Zenegy system and need help. We offer free support by email, chat and phone. We have also built up a number of help articles for the system.

In Zenegy, your payroll administration is in safe hands.

All functions gathered in one place