Automated payroll and shift planning

Zenegy is a digital and functional system that helps companies save time on demanding task with shift planning, time management and payroll.
We automate companies' workflows and offer a wide range of functions and solutions that optimize workflow, increases the payroll experience and makes it easy to make payroll.
Zenegy helps the hotel and restaurant industry with daily and more complex tasks. If you work with several systems to keep track of shift planning, accounting, time registration or other - it's always possible to connect the systems to Zenegy.

Automated payroll

Whether you have to pay monthly salary (paid in advances or in arrears), 14-day salary, bIncome or zero-reporting, it's done simply and automatically with Zenegy. Zenegy automatically calculates, reports and transfer salary, TAX, holiday pay, ATP, maternity leave and pension.

You get a full overviews of all payments, as well as a number of reports that make is easy to post and reconcile salary payments.

Efficient accounting

If the company's employees are categorized in various departments with different supplements, deductions and absences - the salary expenses can be distributed in terms and accounting. The company will also have an easier reconciliation to eIncome.

The accounting can be done whether the employee is a permanent employee, hourly employee, works as a waiter or in the kitchen and much more.

Integrate with workforce management systemer

Zenegy cooperates with a number of API integrations for workforce management systems. It allows restaurants and hotels to work efficiently and achieve goals faster with shift planning, time registration and payroll.

Integrate with cash register, time and shift systems such as Planday, Smartplan, Tamigo, Quinyx, SameSystem or QuickOrder.

Digital control and og approval of payroll transfer

With Zenegy's digital approval flow, it's effective to control and pay salaries.

The employee responsible for control and approving the payroll, will have the opportunity to review payments, deviations in the salary in relation to the last payroll, reports and much more.

Zenegy keeps track of the approval process digitally and sends notifications and reminders automatically. By activating auto-completion of salary, the payroll will be transferred automatically when all criteria for approval are achieved.

Time registrations with Zenegy

If the companies want to use Zenegy's own time registration - the module is included in the Zenegy Payroll package.

In the module, employees can easily stamp in or out by specifying a start- and end-time for the different working days. Companies can create or assign general hourly rates to a single employee or specific departments. The digital registration is automatically sent for approval to the department manager or the payroll manager before next payroll.

Employee templates

With Zenegy's employee templates companies can easily create new employees in the system with only one click. We have predefined a number of standard values (TAX cards, holidays, maternity leave, holiday pay rate etc.) for the three most popular employee types - salaried and hourly employee.

You can always change the company's employee templates if there are employees with different pay conditions or collective agreements.

The Holiday Act

Zenegy handles the Holiday Act automatically, so that employee and payment manager have the full overview of the holiday accounts. We report and transfer the holiday balance to eIncome and the holiday funds completely automatically. In addition, it's possible to post holiday pay provisions for hourly employees separately, so that the company has an overview of the obligations.

The employee, both permanent and hourly paid, has an overviews of the holiday balance in the employee app. In the app the employees are free to request and see already earned and used holiday.

If the company has the opportunity to take a holiday in advance, it's also possible to set up in Zenegy - as well as define the number of days in advance or transfer the holiday balance to the next holiday year.


A better experience with employee app

With Zeengy's employee app, everything is gathered in one place and the company's employees can easily make digital registrations of hours, driving, absences etc. The app gives employees an overview of earned holiday, payroll, guides and other useful information.

The app is available in 12 different languages - so both Danish and international employees gets a better pay experience.

Proportional pay-calculation in case of skewed employment date

Save time when it comes to onboarding a new employee who joins in the middle of the month.

Zenegy calculates the employee's salary and allowances completely automatically based on working days in the month. Proportional calculation applies to both the monthly salary and any various supplement to the salary.

The feature makes it easy for the payroll manager to manage appointments and resignations on a skewed date. That's because Zenegy manages partial calculation of salary, lunch, pension, employee benefits etc.

Open API

If your company collaborates with other systems, they can easily be connected to Zenegy. With Zenegy's open API, hotels and restaurants can work across applications, save time on manual processes and let payroll data from Zenegy be transferred automatically.

Automated pay-adjustment

If there is an error in the most recently paid payroll run, it can be corrected and settle automatically in Zenegy.

Whit an automatic correction, data will be send to eIncome. If Zenegy is set up with an integration to your accounting system, payments are reversed and corrected in the companies accounts.

All functions gathered in one place