Save time on payroll and administration

With Zenegy, you can optimize your workflow, save time on time-consuming processes and increase the payroll experience for everyone in the company. We offer countless integration options, digital registrations and payroll approval, advanced accounting, and more.

Out platform offer functions and solutions, that help the company solve the more complex administrative task more efficiently and clearly.

Digital payroll system

Effective salary payment to the employees, regardless of whether you have to pay monthly salary (prepaid or back paid), 14-day salary, or B-income. Zenegy automatically reports and transfers salary payments, TAX, holiday, and pension.

✔️ Automatic reporting to eIncome
✔️ Transfer to NemKonto
✔️ Real-time data on the payroll journal
✔️ Personal or general company notes on the payslip
✔️ Intuitive design and user-friendly interface til efficient payroll
✔️ Notifications and reports to control payroll transfer

Flexible and scalable with open API

Save time on the company's manual work with Zenegy's many integration options. Zenegy Payroll is 100% flexible and can easily be customized as needed. Payroll data can automatically be transferred from Zenegy to your preferred systems.

We have a number of useful integrations to ERP-, productivity-, and workforce management systems such as Planday, Smartplan, Tamigo, e-conomic, TimeLog, SameSystem, and QuickOrder.

See all Zenegy's app integrations here.

Digital registrations

With Zenegy, employees can easily make digital registrations both on the web and in the employee app. In the app, employees can easily request holidays, register illness or other absences, flex hours, outlays, driving, and working hours.

All registrations are automatically sent for approval to the payroll manager.

Read more about digital registrations.

Advanced accounting

Zenegy's accounting allows the company to adjust the payroll expenses as needed and get an easier report for e-income. You can register on basis of different departments and the employees' hourly rates, supplements and deductions, or a combination.

Read more about Zenegy's advanced accounting.

Everything gathered on the employee app

With Zenegy's employee app, companies and employees get a more professional payroll experience.

In the app, all employees have full insight into their own payroll data with an interactive and digital payslip. It's easy to get an overview of the holiday balance and see the current earnings.

All the payroll elements have an explanation in 12 different languages and offer historical salary data.

Better management of employment relationships with employee templates

Zenegy's employee templates make it easy for the company to create new employees and have an overview of all employment conditions. We have predefined three templates for salaried employees, hourly wage with main card, and hourly wage with secondary card. The templates are made with the standard rates for pension, TAX, holiday, number of hours, etc.

The templates can easily be adapted to the retail industry with both full-time and part-time employees. This is even if the employees have different payment conditions, collective agreements, employment cycles, or others.

Read more about employee templates.

Mass update

In Zenegy, it's easy to update rates or other salary elements on the employees. Various rates, staff associations, supplements and deductions can be administered and updates from the same place in the system. This is regardless of whether the update is to apply to all employees, specific departments, or special employee types.

With Zenegy, it's easy and efficient to change and keep track of different rates for lunch, pension, hourly rates, and much more.

Read more about the mass update.

Holiday Act

Zenegy is 100% compliant with the Holiday Act. The system report and pay the holiday payments automatically to the holiday funds before any deadlines. In Zenegy, both the employee and payroll manager can get a full overview of the holiday accounts where the employee also can follow the current holiday earnings.

The payroll manager has an overview of the holiday accounts after each payroll run. This is as well as the full overview of the holiday balance and the holiday pay year to date.

Accounting of the holiday pay provisions is also done automatically, så that the company has an overview of the outstanding funds.

Read more about the Holiday Act.

Data management

Insert your salary adjustments and other changes in the employee's future salary conditions and let Zenegy's date management implement the changes automatically. With data management, the company can effect changes in the employees' salary conditions based on specific data, data of birth, or seniority.

In this way, you save time on administration and let Zenegy's payroll systems effect changes at certain times, such as awarding pension after 3 months, or future salary adjustments.

Personnel administration and birthday notifications

Get an easier holiday and absence planning with Zenegy's calendar integration for Google and Office365. Customize the company's calendar as needed and get a better overview of approved, pending, and archived holiday and absence registrations. You have the option of differentiating the calendar on basis of types of absence, departments, or an overview of all the absences in the company.

Besides that, it's easy to see the employees' birthdays and other anniversaries with Zenegy. Archive the notifications and be notified of upcoming birthdays in time.

Read more about Zenegy's integration to Google Calendar.

Negative salary

Zenegy handles negative salaries automatically and digitally. If the company has a scheme where employees can make purchases with deductions from their salary, it can easily be registered and transferrd in the next payroll run.

If the purchase exceeds the payroll payments, it will result in a negative salary. The negative salary will just simply be carried over to the next payroll run. We automatically keep track of the balance and the employee receives a payslip with all the information about the amount due.

A secure payroll system

In Zenegy, the company's payroll data is always stored securely. The system has ultra-secure encryption for extra protection of the company's personal data and an ISAE 3402 statement. The statement ensures proper IT control and the option for password policy and the two-factor login.

Whether the administrator, employee, business owner or department manager needs access to the system - it can be customized easily in the system. It's defined on the basis of accesses and roles for the type of display you need.

Digitalt godkendelsesflow

The company can easily set up a structured and controlled approval workflow. In that way, the payroll run can go through several decision-makers before payment.

All you have to do is define roles and criteria for who and which registrations need to be approved. Then the person in charge gets access to all the necessary information such as deviations, reports, or payslips.

Read more about Zenegy's Approval Workflow.

All functions gathered in one place