GamerzClass chooses Zenegy


User-friendliness and a simple design contributed to the decision for GamerzClass

As a start-up, GamerzClass had to relate to different payroll system providers on market for the first time and they choose Zenegy. They wished for a simple system that was easy to use and from Oliver Grønne's perspective it was an easy decision. 

”The decision to choose Zenegy was not difficult. There are many different providers to choose from and for a start-up like us we are looking for a lucid system that is easy and fast to use. This makes Zenegy the best choice from our perspective.”

For a platform of education like GamerzClass, user-friendliness is a big deal and it is important to them that a system is easy to take on. These requirements were important to them when they chose Zenegy as their payroll system. 

"They have a cool and user-friendly site where all processes are automated as much as possible which makes it possible for anyone to set it up and use it." Oliver Grønne explains. 

In addition, Oliver Grønne mentions that they see it as an important aspect of the start-up life to support other companies in the same boat.

"Besides, we in GamerzClass love to support new companies like ourselves, and the team behind Zenegy is someone you cannot get round." 


Oliver Grønne

CFO, GamerzClass