For Generaxion Zenegy is a future-proff solution


Zenegy is a natural choice

The Nordic region's leading digital marketing agency, Generaxion, will always be at the forefront of the latest technologies and therefore Zenegy has been an obvious choice. Generaxion is working to expand to more countries, and here Zenegy's modern, functional and solution-oriented system makes it all easier.

Intuitive and app-based

“Intuitive system, that is easy to use - so easy that even our student is involved in making salary."

This is how it sounds from Generaxion, which has marketing specialists in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. Generaxion has high ambitions and here the possibility of integration with other systems and tools is crucial. Zenegy's new and modern API system helps Generaxion create more automation and reduce manual processes. For Generaxion, Zenegy is a future-proof solution with great potential, as the system also expands to other countries, streamlines, and offers a single platform.

With more than 350 employees, it is essential that Generaxion's employees can easily get an overview of all pay conditions through Zenegy's app and cloud-based system. Zenegy's app gives Generaxion's employees the opportunity for quick registration and an overview of e.g. pay, absence, vacation, and driving.

Overview with Zenegy HR

Zenegy's system provides a digital and solid overview of all Generaxion's payroll elements and HR data. With Zenegy's HR function, Generaxion avoids duplication of work and makes the overview of all employment conditions and the company's units as well as access easier.

"we have also choosen Zenegy HR, that gives us an overview of various accesses and equipment that we hand out to our employees. The function gives us a quick overview and digital personnel administration." 


Mette Marie Jensen

Head of HR, Generaxion