Easy and straightforward to handle many employees


Goodiebox is witching to Zenegy's payroll system

Goodiebox started in 2012 and has since had a dream of doing things in its very own way. The online company offers a subscription concept with cosmetics, where the mission is to create relationships between beauty and cosmetics brands, and customers. Goodiebox is a company with one clear goal: to create joy and self-indulgence for all its members.

Goodiebox has had a stable growth since its beginning, where they quickly began to look after other countries - for example, the Netherlands and Norway. With a company that is growing, it's important to have a payroll system that makes the payroll work easier and more manageable.

Ability to handle many employees at once

"After shifting to Zenegy, it has become super easy and straightforward for me to check the salaries of my teams with many employees."

This is how it sounds from Maria Enderleit who is Head of Customer Succes hos Goodiebox. Goodiebox has around 200 employees, where Zenegy helps to streamline the company's payroll administration and reduce the risk of errors.

Zenegy helps in a busy day

Goodiebox is a company that sends thousands of boxes with a sampling of products every month to its members. They have a busy everyday life, and therefore it's crucial to have a payroll system that automates their workflows and makes all elements of the payroll easier.

"The system provides an easy overview for both me and the staff with a very intuitive and easy to use platform. We have got far more control of the employees hours and more structure."

So it sounds from Marie. Zenegys employee app allows their employees to get an overview of their hours, holidays, absences, and much more. The function means that the company saves a lot of time on messages from the employees - and thus they get more time for other things.

Marie also states that Zenegy is a user-friendly payroll system, with an intuitive user interface - which everyone on the company appreciates.


Marie Enderleit

Head of Customer Success, Goodiebox