Time-saving with digitization and automation


Hobbii - a growing company

Hobbii is a one-stop-shop for all yarn lovers in Denmark. Since its inception in 2015, the company has achieved great growth in both development and sales. Hobbii has great ambitions for the future and therefore it is important to be at the forefront of both technology, innovation, and automation. In relation to Hobbii's preferences, Zenegy's salary system has been an obvious choice. Zenegy's solutions, functions, and automated processes are of great help to the company in its busy everyday life.

Focus on development

“We are not a traditional company. We want to automate and systematize as many work tasks as possible, as we are a company in constant growth. Zenegy makes our day-to-day work easier and faster is crucial. "

This is how it sounds from Signe Glistrup, who is Finance Manager at Hobbii. Hobbii is today on an exciting journey in the Danish and global market, and has more than 350 employees. As the company grows, it is important for management to maintain the unity and culture that has existed from the beginning. With Zenegy, Hobbii can reduce the time spent making salaries for the many employees, and instead focus on the more business-oriented and value-creating tasks.

Big time-saving and open API

"I'm always critical when it comes to investing in a new project. This is especially in relation to my time and whether the project can keep up with Hobbii's growth, and here Zenegy has been a good match."

This is how it sounds from Signe, who also states that she avoids a lot of manual key work and today can make salaries for all Hobbii's employees in just one day. The time-saving is not to be mistaken, as the same task in the old payroll system could take up to a week.

Zenegy's new and modern API system offers Hobbii countless integration options. On a daily basis, they use the time registration in Planday, where Zenegy eliminates errors and manual entries through automation. This allows Signe to work across the two systems at once - thus saving time.

An honest payroll system

For Hobbii, it is important to have an honest payroll system that offers fast and qualified support throughout. With Zenegy, Hobbii gets a pay system that keeps its promises and is constantly being renewed.

"It's important that we feel that we are customers who are listened to. At Zenegy, a hans is held over us and our wishes and challenges always are taken seriously."

Easy to make salary

Da Hobbii skiftede til Zenegy, var Signe helt ny i forhold til virksomhedens lønproces. Derfor var det vigtigt, at det nye lønsystem både var brugervenligt og nemt at navigere rundt i.

When Hobbii switched to Zenegy, Signe was brand new i relation to the company's payroll process. Therefore, it was important that the new payroll system was both user-friendly and easy to navigate around.

"I have received enormous help, and not least quick and qualified responses from Zenegy's support team. In addition, it has been easy to change payroll system, because Zenegy has helped with our onboarding."


Signe Gilstrup

Finance Manager, Hobbii