Løbeshop.dk replacing their old pay system with Zenegy


Zenegy wad an easy choice

The 15-year-old company, Løbeshop.dk, sells all equipment within races to the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch and English markets. The company is constantly evolving and prioritises high efficiency - also in relation to overview and payment of salaries.

Løbeshop.dk has replaced their old payroll system with Zenegy and the choice was easy.

"Zenegy's payroll system fits our company profile perfectly. The onboarding team has helped us transfer all of our payroll daya - from our old payroll system to Zenegy. It was easy and simple."

Easy and hassle-free

Løbeshop.dk’s accountant, Anne Kuld Kristensen, has opened her eyes to the fact that the company’s salary and other administrative tasks can be done more efficiently than before. With Zenegy, it is i.a. has become hassle-free to make salary adjustments with the many digital solutions.

"Zenegy is easy to use for both experienced and inexperienced in payroll."

So that explains Anne, who appreciates Zenegy's modern, user-friendly and simple platform, which is indispensable in a busy everyday life.

Everything gathered in one place

Løbeshop.dk's ambitions are high and here the possibility of integration with other systems and tools is crucial. Zenegy's many integration options create more automation and efficiency - so Løbeshop.dk saves time on the administrative work.

Anne used to spend a lot of time transferring the company's reports to the many different systems - and now it can be done completely automatically with Zenegy. Zenegy works across countless systems and the company's favorite systems can be easily customized and integrated with Zenegy.

A user-friendly payroll system

"Zenegy is a payroll system with an edible and understandable payroll. It saves us a lot of questions form our employees."

It is clear that Zenegy increases the salary experience for all employees in Løbeshop.dk. The company's employees can easily keep track of their own salary elements, and create or change information such as address, absence, and telephone. This saves Anne time on the manual key work and the many emails from employees.

Løbeshop.dk has a number of foreign employees who help with various tasks in the company. The employees have specific rates for different projects, and here Zenegy's salary system is obvious. Among other things, we offer an explanation of all salary elements in 12 different languages.

Zenegy is a future-proof solution

"Zenegy do not stops where they are. They are constantly evolving and coming up with new updates."

This is how it sounds from Anne, who points out that it is clear that Zenegy is evolving in line with market preferences. This makes Zenegy a future-proof solution.


Anne Kuld Kristensen

Accuntant, Løbeshop.dk