Plutonic Media chooses a growing pay system


For Plutonic Media, Zenegy was an obvious choice

Plutonic Media is a data-driven marketing agency in constant development. The company's goal is to create a serious and recognized online marketing agency, where professionalism and personal development are paramount.

For a company, like Plutonic Media, it's important to have time for the business-oriented tasks of the everyday life. Therefor, Zenegy was an easy and simple choice. The payroll system automates Plutonic Media's work tasks and minimizes errors and manual key work.

Focus on the employees

"We are a company that focuses on the well-being and high professionalism of our team. Therefore, Zenegy was an easy choice, where the system focuses on employees, automation and, user-friendliness."

This is how it sounds from Loui Malling Kiær, who is Partner af Plutonic Media. Zenegy helps Plutonic Media's employees gain an overview and better insight into their own pay conditions.

Great interest in the latest technology

"Vi er en moderne og digital virksomhed, hvor innovation er i højsæde. For os er det vigtigt at have et lønsystem, der har samme tilgang til teknologi og digitale løsninger."

"We are a modern and digital company, where innovation is paramount. For us, it's important to have a payroll system that has the same approach to technology and digital solutions."

Plutonic Media and Zenegy have a lot in common and both companies are always up to date with the latest technology trends. Zenegy's payroll system is quite simple to navigate around, which is crucial for a start-up company that has only been on the market since 2019.

Modern and efficient

It is important for Plutonic Media that all company employees can easily and quickly make digital records of their hours, holidays, absences and the like. The solution of all the registrations being automatically sent for approval to the payroll manager is a feature that is a huge plus for the company.

Zenegy's payroll system is modern and innovative, making Plutonic Media's payroll management simple and efficient.


Loui Malling Kiær

Partner, Plutonic Media