Focus on digital curiosity


Søstrene Grene 

Søstrene Grene is a Danish owned retail business, which was founded in 1973. Today they have more than 240 stores across 15 countries and a webshop, that was launched last year. Their assortment consists of products such as interior, furniture, kitchen, hobby and party articles. 


Digital curiosity in focus 

The last couple of years Søstrene Grene has been through a radical digital transformation with the headline 'Experiences Like No Other'. With values to be digital curious the company has implemented a number of systems that are going to connect and reinforce The 'Søstrene Grene experience' in everything from design, purchasing, suppliers, warehouse, stores and WEB. 


Digital systems to back the strategy 

When Anne Holst took the position as People Operations Specialist for 1,5 years ago, it was pay and streamlining of the existing processes that were given first priority. There was a need to streamline and gain control of a number of processes for handling pay inputs and registrations from the employees. 

Anne has a lot of experience with implementing new systems in companies and knows what's important to be successful when digitalizing the payroll system. She has kept up with Zenegys development from the beginning, and this was the year, when Zenegys solution could match the needs of Søstrene Grene. 

One of the most important things for Anne is a good cooperation and it's important to find a system that listen to their costumers and where it's possible to establish trust. " Zenegy isn't just a supplier, but a good teammate." Says Anne. 


Development and time saved with open API

With Anne's knowledge of system implementation and knowledge about Zenegy, she knew they would get a innovative payroll system that are constantly developing new solutions and has a platform based on a open API and flexibility. 

Anne says the open API-system was an important factor when choosing Zenegy. An open API system gives you the opportunity to have multiple integrations and adapt the system to the needs of the company. This aligns with Søstrene Grene's mission to be a company that's digital curious that will seize opportunities to develop and be more innovative.


Mass updates and templates are to way to a more efficient pay administration 

Anne is excited about Zenegys 'Global value' function which allows mass updates of pay elements and creation of different employee templates based on the terms of their employment. This was very useful to Søstrene Grene, when they had to create 60 new employees. By using global values the creation process was much faster that usual. 

"Zenegys system encourages you to work in a different way than you're used to in other systems. There's no need to enter the same information and employee data several places in the system -the employee profile can be set up in global values and used for all employees."

The employees had to get accustomed to this different way to work, because they had a hard time believing that the salary tasks could be achieved with so few clicks. Because the system is so user friendly and simple a lot of experienced pay administrators might doubt that a complex job such as pay, can be done so simple, but as Anne says: " It's so easy! You just have to choose the right groups and then everything is all right. You don't have to think so much about what you're doing and it's especially easy to use if you're not use to administer pay". 

If there's ever a problem it's possible to get help by calling or using the chat function. And in the payroll periods Zenegys Support has expanded opening hours. 


The employee app is a hit 

A digital payroll system has provided an easier access to making registrations. Registrations can now be made in the employee app. The employees are excited about the fact that mileage can be registered in Zenegy, which is a lot easier than filling out a manual mileage form. The employees just have to register the to- and from address, and the app will calculate the rest automatically. It has made everyones day easier and created transparency from registering data to approval and payment. It's easy to view your own salary data in the app, where the employees can see their interactive payslip, check their earned and remaining vacation days and a lot of other information. 


Anne Holst

People Operation Specialist, Søstrene Grene