Automating and eliminating mistakes is essential


Automating and eliminating mistakes is essential for Denmarks leading hosting company

As part of a clear strategy to automate as many manual work-flows as possible and thereby eliminating errors, Denmarks leading hosting company, team.blue, has exchanged the common payroll systems for Zenegy.

At the same time, it has been possible for team.blue to eliminate several third party applications – mileage registration and registration of holiday and absence among others. Today everything has been gathered in the Zenegy app - where employees themselves make registrations for mileage, absence, holiday and more.

To us, it’s about automating as much as possible and using as few platforms as possible. With Zenegy, we gather a series of systems onto the same platform while at the same time automating and streamlining the whole flow by which we make fewer mistakes.

This is the direct statement from Stefan Rosenlund, Managing Director Nordic, team.blue, which employs 200 employees and which is behind a series of some of the most leading cloud-and hosting brands such as Wannafind, ScanNet, Curanet, UnoEuro, Cloud.dk, SmartWeb and DanDomain.

Access to unique HR-module

Besides the fact that team.blue as a leading it-company wishes to take the lead on the technology-side of things, the employees also have a natural interest in using the newest technology. By using a solid HR-function in Zenegy, their middle managers can gain an overview of some of the basic HR data with only a few clicks.

We are more than 200 employees and a company that’s growing. Therefore it becomes more and more important that our middle managers quickly can gain an overview of the basic HR-functions such as holiday, paylevel, absence and more.” Stefan Rosenlund explains.

On an ongoing basis, team.blue has invested in companies that all use different payroll systems. Therefore, the fact that Zenegy supports the administration of several companies has been crucial in order to quickly and smoothly phase out the acquired companies’ old payroll systems and implement Zenegy instead.

With the newest and most modern API, Zenegy enables us to continuously build on Zenegy and automate the top of it which is crucial to a company with our levels of ambition.” Stefan Rosenlund says.


Stefan Rosenlund

Managing Director Nordic, team.blue