Trendhim chooses a payroll system, with a good tech set-up


Trendhim and Zenegy focus on technology

Trendhim was founded in 2007 and sells accessories for men in 28 countries. The company is busy and launches several collections every year. Today, their portfolio consists of 13 different brands, which only can be purchased on Trendhim's own website.

Big ambitions

"We ere worried about choosing a new payroll system that was both to old, not in control of the latest technology and that did not focus on development. But all this Zenegy has."

This is how it sounds from Nicolaj Foldager, who is CFO at Trendhim.

Trendhim is a company with great ambitions. That is why it has been crucial to have a payroll system that is also constantly evolving - and which is constantly following the latest trends. The onboarding from Trendhim's old payroll system to Zenegy was problem-free and simple with qualified support from Zenegy's onboarding team.

Et tech set-up that is far ahead of the others

For Trendhim, Zenegy's open API and good tech background were important choice of payroll system. Trendhim's payroll manager and the whole development department were both involved in the decision-making process about the company's new payroll system. They dived into Zenegy's details, the tech set-up, and the big number of functions.

"We have high demands on our IT systems - including payroll systems. In terms of our requirements, Zenegy fits perfectly."

So it sounds from Nikolaj. Nikolaj also mentions that because Zenegy constantly is updated on the latest trends in technology, the payroll system becomes a future-proof solution.

"We are a type of company that never stands still. It's cool that other companies also are constantly considering everything and developing. Zenegy thinks in the same way as us and always wants to be more efficient."

A high-quality payroll system

Trendhim focuses on quality, and this applies both in their many accessories, but also in their IT systems. Zenegy offers a wide range of functions and solutions that make Trendhim's everyday life easier and more manageable. All this allows them to focus on the business tasks in their company.

With Zenegy, Trendhim can quickly and efficiently make salaries for all their employees - where they at the same time can time reach goals more quickly through automation. The payroll system's digital approval flow also makes Trendhim's work processes more manageable when several administrators are involved in the payroll at the same time.

Free access to data

Today, Trendhim consists of around 65 employees and therefore it's crucial to automate as many administrative processes as possible. In relation to that, Zenegy's many integration possibilities are an important factor. The integrations means that alle Trendhim's data easily can be transferred to other systems. This are work tasts that Trendhim previously spent many hours on.

Med Zenegy får Trendhims medarbejdere en bedre og mere professionel lønoplevelse, hvor lønsystemet giver virksomhedens medarbejderne et langt større ejerskab og fri adgang til alt deres løndata. Det gør at medarbejderne nemt kan ændre eller foretage digitale registreringer. På den måde får Trendhim mindre henvendelser fra deres medarbejdere - når det omhandler løn. Her udtaler Nicolaj:

With Zenegy, Trendhim's employees get a better and more professional payroll experience. Zenegy's payroll system gives the employees a greater ownership and free access to all their payroll data. This allows employees to change or make digital registrations. In that way, Trendhim receives fewer mails (when it comes to pay) from their employees. Here is what Nikolaj says:

"Zenegy has moved the freedom over to our employees so that they are in the control. It saves us all time."


Nicolaj Foldager

CFO, Trendhim