Umbraco chooses Zenegy


Umbraco chooses Zenegy – it’s a whole new world for everyone

Nice design, user-friendliness, automated workflows and filings for sickness, holiday, mileage and more directly in the Zenegy app – those are few of the reasons why the Danish company, Umbraco, the worlds leading Mircrosoft-based CMS platform, has exchanged their regular, standard payroll system for Zenegy.

We made a shift from one of the regular, heavy payroll systems to Zenegy and it has provided us with completely new opportunities – both in relation to automating and thereby streamlining the administrative part of our business, but also in relation to our employees.”

This is what Poul Jensen, who is CFO or as Umbraco calls it, Friendly Cashier.

Saves manual typing

By letting the employees carry out their registrations directly in the app, they gain much more ownership of their registrations and they then become much more involved because it almost becomes democratized.

And when the employees register directly in the app, the accounts department and administration saves time and the risk of errors is minimized.

It has been easy and painless to make the shift from our old system to Zenegy. The system has full integration with our accounting program e-conomic, and amng other things it has provided us with the opportunity to enable more automatization and allowed us to minimize the time spent on managing and entering data manually.

Poul Jensen also makes no secret of the fact that for a company like Umbraco that has created the most user-friendly CMS in the world, it matters whether the ones who use the system get a feeling of user-excitement. He says:

It has a neat design and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into designing the whole user interface in order to make it a positive experience for the user. It brings much more motivation to the daily work tasks."


Poul Jensen

CFO, Umbraco