A new generation of payroll systems

Zenegy is today a key player in the payroll market. The system breaks with the classic and traditional payroll systems by creating a whole new world for both the company and the employee.

The story behind Zenegy

The software engineer, Jes Tækker Stemann Brinch, founded Zenegy in 2017. The driving force was the desire to go away from the classic payroll setup, and develop a solution based on an open platform consisting of innovation, and user-friendliness. At this time, the salary area had not developed for many years, and the market has an unmet need. A need to give employees a better payroll experience, based on new technology, which the ordinary pay slips have not been able to provide.

A payroll system - on a whole new level

Zenegy was originally intended for smaller companies with a simple payroll setup. But when Jacob Wandt, the founder of e-conomic, came on board as an investor, it suddenly became possible to take Zenegy to a whole new level. After some meetings with Zenegy's first customers, it became clear to Jes and Jacob that Zenegy had even greater potential - the payroll system could do more than just be there for the small companies.

It became clear to Jes and Jacob that the idea was to scale and develop to a whole new level. It was the start of Zenegy's journey, which was to expand the employees, customers, and platform - the start of a constantly evolving payroll system.

The driving force behind Zenegy

The driving force behind Zenegy is to create completely new standards in payroll for both employees, business owners, and accountants. The overall idea is that it should be both fun to make and get paid. Zenegy is built on an open API and all payroll elements are gathered digitally on both the web and mobile app. This makes the salary experience better for both the company and the employee.

The heavy manual work functions in the company are automated, so you have the opportunity to focus on the important thing in your company: progress and development.

One platform for both payroll and HR

From the start, it has been Zenegy's ambition to offer the most digital and data-driven payroll system on the market. Therefore, Zenegy quickly developed a new and functional HR module for the platform.

The purpose of the HR system is to make companies' work processes simpler by creating a single platform for personnel administration, personal data, and payroll.

Jes T. S. Brinch

CEO & Founder

Jes T. S. Brinch

Jes Tækker Stenmann Brinch is Zenegy's founder and CEO. He has 15 years of international experience in SaaS, web and mobile development, marketing, and project management. Most recently, he was director of the business development at e-conomic. It was the time in e-conomic that inspired Jes to write his own business plan and create a whole new generation of payroll systems. In addition to his main responsibility for driving Zenegy forward and setting the overall strategy, Jes is also actively involved in design, development, and customer contact. Jes has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is also a market economist at the Business Academy SydVest in Esbjerg.

Jacob Wandt

Jacob Wandt is a co-founder and partner in Zenegy, and is one of Denmark's most successful entrepreneurs. Jacob has extensive experience in business development, strategy, and concept development. He is behind Europe's leading accounting program, e-conomic, which was the first SaaS company of its kind to be launched in the cloud. Jacob founded e-conomic in 2001 and has since run the company from 0 to 100,000 customers. In 2013, he sold e-conomic to the English private equity fund HG Capital, which after a year and a half sold the company to the Visma Group. Jacob has a master's degree in Business Administration and Auditing from Copenhagen Business School and is trained as a registered accountant.

Jacob Wandt