Keep your insurances up-to-date
and save time on administration

Keep your employees well insured by purchasing your company's mandatory industrial injury insurance and travel insurance at Tryg via us.
Sit back and enjoy not having to notify your insurance company about changes in your company – Zenegy makes sure that it happens automatically.


Take out a subscription for Tryg Insurance via Zenegy

When purchasing your insurances at Tryg via Zenegy, we will report to Tryg (with your permission) when changes in terms of number of employees or travelling days occur in your company. Your benefits are:

  • Your insurances will always be adjusted to suit your company's current situation.
  • Changes will automatically be reported to Tryg.
  • You'll be relieved from a great amount of time spent on administration.
  • You'll never pay too much or too little for your insurances.

Mandatory industrial injury insurance

All employers must ensure that their employees are covered by the mandatory industrial injury insurance. The insurance covers if employees get injured during working hours. With Tryg's industrial injury insurance you'll also gain access to Tryg Tilbage – a cross-curricular course that helps employees return to the job safely and well after an injury.

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Sleep well at night – with insurances that are correct and filings that are automatic

By taking out a subscription for Tryg insurance via Zenegy you can rest assure that you're well-insured and that filings that are made to the insurance company are correct - we automatically report to Tryg.

  • Always well-insured

    As an employer, you must notify your insurance company about changes in your company. If you fail to do so, you are at risk of either paying too much for your insurances or lacking correct insurances. With Zenegy's insurance module, you can rest assure that you're always well-insured.

  • Automatic filings

    Each month, Zenegy will automatically report the number of employees in the company and days of travel. This way, you'll be relieved of administrating your insurances. Also, you'll always know that your insurances match the situation of the company.

Zenegy insurance module

We collaborate with Tryg in order to insure your company and your employees with the mandatory industrial injury insurance and travel insurance for business.

From 128 DKK / month*
READ MORE Zenegy's insurance module has been developed in collaboration with Tryg Insurance.
* The price depends on choice of insurance(s), number of employees, their job function, and more. If you have several employees within the same job function, the price for each employee will be lower. The price includes 2,5 % work environment tax and does not include collection fee.

Zenegy's insurance module - in cooperation with Tryg

Tryg is the largest company that sells insurance against loss or damage in Denmark and the second largest in the Nordic countries. By taking out a subscription for Tryg's insurances you'll have access to several benefits through Tryg Erhverv, such as online banking insurance at electronic burglary for up to 5 million DKK, damage prevention and a safety guarantee for you to avoid not being properly insured. 

As a customer at Tryg you will automatically become a member of TryghedsGruppen. TryghedsGruppen is Tryg's main owner and they are behind TrygFonden. When TryghedsGruppen achieve profits, a part of the amount will be paid back to the customers as a bonus. 

At customers can view their insurances, letters and other important documents, file claims online and more. 

How to get started

If you already have a Zenegy account, you'll need to log into Zenegy and go to "My Company". Here you can activate the mandatory industrial injury insurance and travel insurance for business. After activating the insurance(s) of your choice, you will be contacted by Tryg with a non-binding offer for your insurance(s). Everything related to the insurances is between you and Tryg but by taking out a subscription for the insurances via Zenegy you'll activate the automatic sending of data from Zenegy to Tryg. 

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