Zenegy HR provides you with a complete overview of your company's items and access, documents related to employees'
employment as well as access to employees' relatives' contact information and much more.


Welcome to Zenegy HR

Zenegy's HR module makes it easy to keep track of which items and access' your employees have been handed out - in this way, you'll make sure that you don't spend extra money purchasing new items or access to IT-systems and that no IT-systems or any credit cards owned by the company will be made use of when an employee resigns. You can also save documents related to your employees on their profiles in order to maintain an overview of their employment. With the HR module, your employees can also add their relatives' contact information to their profile and you will have access to a simple solution for administrating courses.


Keep track of your items and IT-access

Items and Access makes it easy to keep track of which devices as well as access to IT-systems, your employees have been allocated. You'll get a clear summary of all items and access in your company and whether these have been allocated to an employee or if they are available. In the application, you can set up devices and access and choose the employees they should be allocated to. Your employees can also make requests for a unit or a specific IT-access. The request will then be dealt with by an administrator in the system.


Clear and simple document management

Save employment contracts, bonus agreements, summaries of staff development interviews on your employees' profiles. This makes it easier for you and your employees to maintain an overview of the employment. In this way, you can also ensure that your employees are fully aware of their terms of employment, which you as an employer is obligated to ensure.


Allow your employees to set up their relatives

Allow your employees to add their relatives' contact information on their profile. In this way, the contact information is always near at hand when you need them for festive events or if an accident has occurred.


Simple administration of courses and employees' participation

With Zenegy's course module, companies can easily administrate their courses and provide their employes with a clear overview of which courses they can participate in and make it easy for them to sign up. When creating the course, you can add rights for those who should be able to view and edit the course, and by adding "approvers" you can ensure that employees' participation will be approved by their manager. Once the employee completes the course, he/she will receive a diploma that will appear on the employee's profile in Zenegy.


Easy solution for management of expenses

With Zenegy Expense, it becomes easy to manage expenses! Enter the date and the amount to be reimbursed. Add images of the receipts or invoices to the registration. The registration will be sent for approval in Zenegy. All approved expenses will automatically be included in the payroll run.

Zenegy Payroll and HR subscription

Zenegy offers two different subscriptions. Zenegy Payroll gives you access to Zenegy's innovative payroll system and Zenegy HR is our most recent subscription where you'll get access to Items & Access, Documents and Relatives. You can use them individually or use them in a combination - read more at subscription opportunities.

Subscription opportunities

Zenegy's two subscriptions can be used individually or be combined as seen below. Whether you only wish to run payrolls with Zenegy, or are only interested in our HR functionalities or simply need to try both - there is a solution for you.


Gain access to flawless mileage records

With Zenegy it has never been easier to keep track of your mileage records. The only thing your employees need to do is to enter "to" and "from" on the route - we will then ensure flawless mileage records. It's almost like magic. In the mileage log book, all trips are registered by Google Maps - therefore, you can rest assure that the number of kilometers for each route is correct.


Simple and quick recording of hours for your employees

Allow your employees to punch in and out by entering their start and finish times for each day. You can also allow them to choose a specific number of hours for each day, depending on how you wish for them to register themselves in your company.


Register holiday and absence with one click

Zenegy makes it easy to request for holiday or register sick days via the Employee App - and you can just as easily accept or reject their requests while maintaining an overview. We'll make sure that you're always updated in regards to your employees' holiday planning, regardless of the types of holiday your company offers.


Easy registration of supplements and deductions

Let Zenegy handle your employees' supplements and deductions. Set up as many supplements as needed - for the individual employee as well as the entire company. Then, name the supplements according to your specific needs.


Keep your employees' master data up-to-date

With Zenegy HR you can easily keep track of your employees' master data. You'll quickly get an overview and you can easily update name, address, employment date, position, phone number, e-mail and much more. Your employees also have access to their own data and can maintain it by themselves. Zenegy HR provides you with the opportunity to create your own reports with its report generator. This allows you to retrieve the exact summaries that you need. It doesn't get much better than that!