Payroll Administration

How to convince your boss to optimize your company's payroll system

How to convince your boss to optimize your company's payroll system



Check if you are spending too much time on payroll administration


Are you also tired of heavy payroll processes, lack of overview, and lots of manual key work?

In many cases, companies spend unnecessarily much time on payroll administration. All too often, however, it ends up being the company's core tasks, which get all the attention in the pursuit of more optimization in everyday life. Here, it is typically the pay conditions that are overlooked even though it is the payroll administration that is one of the company's most central functions.

If you look historically at the wage area, it has not developed very much technologically either. By and large, employees have simply gone from receiving a payslip in a window envelope - to receiving it electronically in “e-boks”.

Get rid of the idea "this is how we usually do". Give your payroll system a check - and be critical of the existing payroll processes!

Understanding the importance of digital conversion

It is always an advantage to move away from manual processes and towards more digital solutions. By utilizing today's digital solutions and tools in the payroll system, you can achieve great time savings and get a better starting point for implementing the correct salary for all the company's employees every time.

By having all payroll data digitally registered and stored in the payroll system, it will be possible to make payroll runs faster and more efficiently, which is a crucial factor in a busy everyday life.

At Zenegy, we work to revolutionize the payroll market and introduce digital working methods for both company and employee. Our customers experience significant time savings in everyday life by up to 30%. Read about, which with Zenegy now makes salaries for all employees in one day instead of one week.

Find out where you can automate

Manual entry, cumbersome data collection and heavy processes are just a few examples of factors that can hamper the efficiency of your payroll administration.

Therefore, it is important to research which payroll systems can best automate your work processes. A payroll system with automations helps increase the company's productivity and the ability to pay salaries to countless employees in just one go. In addition, you can always be sure that all payslips are handled completely the same every time.

There are a large number of work tasks that payroll systems can optimize through automation. Therefore, it can be a good idea to clarify which processes you spend the most time on and then choose the new payroll system. Read more about Zenegy's digital solutions and get the answer to a more efficient everyday life.

Increased the employee satisfaction

Employees are much busier than before - and this applies both at work and at home. Therefore, it is important to take the company's employees into consideration when choosing a new payroll system.

Zenegy's employee app is just one example of a way for employees to have an easier and more professional payroll experience. In the employee app, employees can quickly get an overview and register hours, driving, absence and much more on the go. This makes payroll administration more efficient, as you do not have to make registrations yourself, as these are already stored in the system. In addition, it avoids a large number of emails and inquiries from employees.

Companies benefit greatly from satisfied employees who are more committed, positive and productive. Therefore, choose an innovative and user-friendly payroll system that can help efficiency and satisfaction well on the way. Also read our blog post about engaging employees.

Do your research

Before you go to the boss, it's important that you do your research properly. You need to research the many different payroll systems in the market and look overall at the business needs. Familiarize yourself with how your current payroll system and workflows work, and clarify where you have challenges.

There are a wide variety of things you can research. You can find out which systems the company uses on a daily basis and whether these can be automatically linked to the new payroll system. It may be if you e.g. uses time registration, shift scheduling or bookkeeping systems. In this way, you can integrate your payroll system with all your preferred systems, and thus save time on manual key work - by automatically transferring data. Read about Zenegy's many integration options here.

Fortunately, changing the pay system does not require a major organizational change. But a new, modern and digital payroll system can have major implications for optimizing your payroll processes.

Prepare your pitch for the boss

The last step before you need to persuade your boss - is to prepare your pitch. Prepare well and have two alternative pay systems ready. Assess where the new salary system is strongest and where you can best achieve time savings and an overview. Describe the advantages of the new payroll system and the disadvantages of the old one - and use the advantages to sell the system to your boss.

It is important to be aware that it is often easiest to stay in pre-existing routines. But remember that resistance can easily be prevented or met if you put yourself in the boss's place and argue for the importance as well as the benefits of the new pay system. Focus on what a change in your payroll system will mean in everyday life and how it will optimize the entire company's payroll administration.

Emphasize how crucial it is that the paid work runs as smoothly and correctly as at all possible, and set out a number of specific factors. It can be financial aspects or time savings where you show that the payroll manager can use his time more sensibly.

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