Zenegy is a brand new generation of payroll systems



Forget everything you thought you knew about payroll systems. Zenegy challenges the payroll market while setting new standards at the very same time.

 Who doesn't like to get paid, and even more so correctly and on time? The traditional payroll systems are a thing of the past, as digitised generations are creating a growing demand to get their payslip data served timely and interactive.

 With the payroll sector being at standstill, Zenegy has identified a strong market opportunity and is setting expectations accordingly; to grow significantly and reach as much as 500.000 users within the next five years alone.

Zenegy has done a massive move higher with the launch of a cloud-based payroll system targeting accountants and bookkeepers, for companies of every type and size – in fact the move is so massive, that the traditional payslip no longer arrives in your mailbox, instead an app, available on all platforms, is replacing it.

Behind the innovative start-up is CEO Jes Tækker Stemann Brinch, former e-conomic business Development Director and co-founder Jacob Wandt.

Jacob Wandt made his claim to fame as entrepreneur extraordinaire in 2013, when creating his fortune selling his accounting programme e-conomic.

Just lately Wandt purchased 48 % of Zenegy for an undisclosed million amount to become an active partner. Creating a splash in Denmark as well as abroad, Wandt is now once more entering the very same Danish start-up scene he’s previously conquered.

Featuring a unique design and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, sporting the most digitised and automated payroll system for companies, accountants and bookkeepers alike. We’re ready to take on the market who’s lack of development has left a huge gap for modern solutions.

In our mind the perspectives are obvious, Zenegy opens up a new world while setting new standards at the very same time, a world where payslips are interactive via an app. This means that wage earners can get a full overview of payroll data, holiday, pension as well as proving wage earners full overview as well as the opportunity to register holiday, sickness, mileage and such, straight from the app.

What sets Zenegy apart from other payroll systems, is the option to let data run across the payroll system and other systems.

Its far from wage earners alone who can look forward to the many benefits of the new integrable technological platform. For bookkeepers, accountants and business owners alike the system means faster and more automated workflows – for example, hour registration will be updated automatically in the system. As the very first payroll system ever, we challenge the market with an open API, a technological platform making us able to produce faster, deeper and more advanced integrations than the average payroll system, including app partners as for instance e-conomic.

Besides the insight from building one of the worlds leading cloud-based economic systems, we also have experience in go-to-market-strategy for administrative solutions for solutions for accountants and bookkeepers. We expect to reach 20.000 wage earners within the first year alone. The ambition is to grow significantly and reach 500.000 users within five countries within the next five years alone.

It's all about demand and supply. Demand for a more sharp, simple and quality assured solution than the traditional old-fashioned payslip can deliver. With the demand by new digitised generations of wage earners for payslip information to be served interactive and digitized, we firmly believe it's a realistic ambition.