Zenegys medarbejder app Zenegy employee app

All employees deserves a better salary experience. Provide your employees with a better and more professional experience regarding their pay with Zenegy's employee app. Everything is collected on one platform and registrations are done easily directly in the app. This ensures that the employees have the best total view of everything and the easiest way to register hours, mileage, absence e.g.

  • Zenegy's employee app

    Med Zenegys medarbejder app får du en lønoplevelse, du ikke vil være foruden. Her kan du få din lønseddel på en helt ny måde i et lækkert design, der altid er lige ved hånden. Registreringer af timer, fravær, ferie og kørsel har aldrig været nemmere. With Zenegy's employee app you get a salary experience you don't want to be without. It's a new way to receive your payslip, with a cool design and always easily accessible. It's never been easier to register hours, expense, absence and mileage.

  • A new way to see your pay

    The interactive payslip makes it easy to keep track of tax, deductions, pensions and much more. It's also easy to request holiday or register sickdays.

  • Zenegy provides you with a view of tax

    A complete view of tax. You can see all you payments to tax, in a morden and interactice design, which makes it a lot easier to understand.

Pay in 12 different languages

The employee app is available in 12 different languages. This ensusres that everyone can understand the different terms on their payslip. It's available in Danish, English, Norwegian, Spanish, French, German, Lithuanian, Polish, Arabian, Rumanian, Swedish and Turkish. 

Note on the payslip

Write a personal note to the employee or a note to all the employees when doing the payroll. It's also possible to use smileys or emojis, which will show up on the payslip in the employee app. 

Personal guide to the holiday act

IT's easy to understand the holiday act with Zenegys employee app. All employees have a personal holiday guide in the app, that shows how many vacation days they have saved up and in which periods they should use them. The guide is updated automatically and always adapted to each employee. 


Holiday balance

There's always an updated view of the employees holiday balance. The employee can keep up with spending and saving of holiday, for each holiday year. 

Hour registration

Allow your employees to check in and out using Zenegys employee app. In the app it's possible to register hours easily. 

The employee can also register hours for specific projects, by adding a Project ID and attach files to each registration. 


See you pension

Get a complete view of your pension. It's possible to see your payments to your pension scheme in a cool and interactive design. 



Easy to register mileage

No more difficult registrations of mileage. All you hvae to do is to enter a "to" and "from" address for your route and Zenegy will make sure that it's correct. Almost like magic. 


Request holiday

The holiday is only one click away. Request holiday and you will receive an answer as soon as your request is approved. 


Register sick days

Register sick days with one click and receive an answer as soon as your registration is approved. Easy and simple. 




Keep track of documents

No more looking for documents! Save the employments contract and all other documents in the app - and you'll never loose another document again. 



Keep track of units and accesses

Units and accessed makes it easy to keep track of which units and which accesses to IT-systems have been given to employees. You can also register computers etc. 



Add your next of kin

Add your next of kin in your contact information in the app. In case of an emergency the company will know who to contact. 



Create registrations for specific projects

In Zenegy employees can add a Project ID to all types of registrations. This means it's easy to keep track of the prjects and you can decide which ID to add to the projects. 


See, receive and share your payslips

In the employee app all employee can see, receive and share their payslips.



Attach files to your registrations

Employees can attach files to all types of registrations, so receipts and other relevant documentation is uploaded with the registration. 


Easy management of expenses

It's easy to manage expenses with Zenegy! Add the date and amount and a picture of the receipt. The registration will be sent to approval and paid out with your next salary. 



Update data directly in the app

It's easy for employees to update their data in the app, so all information is correct. 



Register supplements and deductions

Employees can register supplements and deductions in the app. Employees will also receive and answer as soon as the registration is approved. 




Register travel days

Register your travel days directly in the app, while on the go. Easy and simple.