Mileage without mistakes



It's never been easier to keep track of the company's mileage than with Zenegy. All your employees have to do is to register the "to" and "from" addresses and we'll make sure the mileage is calculated correctly. Almost like magic.

Zenegy's mileage module registers all trips via Google Maps -so you can always be sure that the number of kilometers are correct. Both the company and the employee has a complete view of all registered trips and the total number of kilometers driven. And of course, the module fulfills all tax rules regarding mileage and company cars. 

If the trip is connected to a certain project, which the employee is working on, it's possible to add a Project ID to the registration. This means that the salary responsible can see how much mileage is connected to specific projects. 

When registering it's also possible to upload a document to the specific registration.  

digital kørselsregistrering