Registration of hours



Check in and out

Allow your employees to check in and out by stating their start- and finish times for each work day. You can also let them choose a specific number of hours for the day, depending on how you want the employees to make the registrations.

Specific hourly rates 

Create hourly rates for everyone to use or give special hourly rates to one or all employees in a department. After this the employees register their hours and the payroll responsible can approve it, before the payment of the salary. 

Hour registration for departments 

If the company has employees that are a part of several departments, the salary responsible can get a picture of how the salary is in each department. As a rule the employee is part of one specific department but the employee also has the opportunity to register hours in a different department. The development of the salary can then be registered in the economic system or withdrawn as a report, If the company has connected Zenegy to another economic system, the transfer to the draft will happen automatically. 

Hour registration for projects 

If the employees work on project they can register hours spent on specific projects in Zenegy. When the employee makes a registration, it's possible for the employee to add a project ID to the registration. In "Reports" the payroll responsible can withdraw a draft of the different registrations. 

Connect to other systems 

The company can easily integrate Zenegy's hour registration to other systems. This way the registered and approved hours from your preferred hour registration system will be automatically transferred to Zenegy as approved hours. 

Upload documents 

When the employee makes a registration, the employee can also upload a document, that will be saved along side the registration.

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