Ild Pizza and Zenegy


Ild Pizza


Ild Pizza is a chain of restaurants that makes Neapolitan pizzas, prepared by open fire. They opened their first restaurant in 2019 and has already grown to 20 restaurants. 


A safe onboarding 

It might seem scary and unmanageable to switch payroll systems. But it doesn't have to be because Zenegy has a team of onboarding consultants that are ready to help you with your onboarding process. And it's completely up to you, how much onboarding you want. Ild Pizza had chosen the full onboarding experience which means that an onboarding consultant from Zenegy made sure to transfer all data from Ild Pizza's old payroll system and make sure everything was set up correctly. Besides this, a consultant also helped Ild Pizza to make the first payroll run to make sure everything went well and without any problems. "I got a very good walk through the first month and help to make the first payroll run. After the walk through I've had very few and simple questions -the consultants are very patient when you're new in the system" -Louise Dieckmann, Financial Controller, Ild Pizza. 


Integration between shift planning and payroll saves time

In May 2021 Ild Pizza decided to move their economic function inhouse and this is when they decided to explore the market for other payroll options. Ild Pizza has previously experienced problems with the integration between their shift planning system, SameSystem which led to the employees spending their time correcting the mistakes. This was one of the reasons that it was important for Ild Pizza to find a more digital payroll system. After they have switched to Zenegy they have not experienced any mistakes which means that the employees can spend this extra time on more value creating tasks. "The integration between the different programs we use have been excellent and the fewer mistakes means that we have more time for other tasks"


Zenegy was recommended by other companies

When you're a fast growing company like Ild Pizza it's important to choose a payroll system that's agile and that can grow with you. Besides the digitalization and the development possibilities, it was also important for Ild Pizza to choose a payroll system with good references. "We also got good references from other companies that already are Zenegy customers and after that the decision wasn't hard to make". 

Louise has previously worked with different payroll systems and knows what she's talking about when she says she would recommend Zenegy. "After using Zenegys system, I would definitely recommend it.


Easier to understand payslips

 The employees are also very happy about the employee app, which means that it's easier for them to understand their payslips. "Our employees understand their payslips much better now that the payslips are easier to understand, which means fewer questions from the staff."



Louise Dieckmann

Financial Controller, Ild Pizza